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Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Emily Myers

Emily Myers (PI), Assistant Professor

Department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences 

Department of Psychological Sciences

Department of Cognitive Science

Dr. Myers is interested in the processes that allow a listener to map the speech signal to meaning, how these processes are instantiated in the brain, and how these processes break down in cases of language disorder. Dr. Myers received her Ph.D. in Cognitive Science from Brown University in 2005.

Current CV.  See Current Research page for downloads/pdfs.

Office: Phillips Communication Sciences Building 216


Lab Members

 pam_fuhrmeister_headshot Pam Fuhrmeister is a Ph.D. student in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences and an NSF IGERT fellow. Her primary research interests are in cross-linguistic speech perception. She is interested in individual differences in learning non-native speech sounds, as well as the cognitive and behavioral processes that underlie the perceptual learning of speech sounds and how these change over the lifespan. Pam’s current project seeks to investigate age differences and other individual differences in the perceptual learning of non-native speech sounds
 thumbnail_UConn-profile-picture Sahil Luthra is a Ph.D. student in Psychology and an NSF IGERT fellow. His primary interests are in how we represent sounds and words and the factors (e.g., experience with a particular talker, contextual knowledge) that affect our access to these mental representations. He is particularly interested in how multiple representations cooperate and compete with each other over the course of recognizing/producing a word and in how these changes are instantiated neurally in the brain.
e6e7da_5d2485b0fef74f8eb7f050b38c66ab30 David Saltzman, is the LAB Lab Manager. His primary research interests are in the neural representation of acoustic fine-cues to speech, specifically how sensitive listeners are, neurally and perceptually, to small changes in acoustic cues. In addition, he is interested in how listeners are able to recalibrate or reweigh their use of acoustic fine-cues. David received his M.S. in Experimental Psychology from Villanova University in 2016, where he investigated the role of the amplitude-envelope of speech in speaking rate compensation.
kathrin Kathrin Rothermich is a research scholar in the LAB lab and received her Ph.D. in Cognitive Science at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig (Germany). She subsequently went to pursue a postdoctoral fellowship at McGill University’s School of Communication Sciences & Disorders. Her research investigates the behavioral and neural correlates of speech comprehension, with particular interest in the influence of prediction and acoustic-phonological aspects. She also examines the social and cognitive processes involved in getting from coded meaning to speaker meaning, including the role of individual differences such as cultural background, interpersonal sensitivity, and anxiety. To investigate these issues, she uses multiple techniques including EEG, fMRI, eye tracking, and cognitive testing, with a particular focus on communication abilities in Parkinson’s Disease patients and in People with Aphasia.
Chris Heffner is a postdoc in the LAB lab.  He received his PhD in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2017.  His research focuses on speech perception, in particular how listeners learn new sound categories (phonetic learning) and how they adjust the categories of their native language (phonetic adaptation).  In the LAB Lab, he will investigate the connections between these two abilities using a variety of behavioral tasks and structural MRI methods.

Undergraduate Students

IMG_2811 Greta
Brianna Schlemmer is a an SLP student at UConn. She is currently a research assistant for several graduate students working on projects focusing on the role of memory consolidation in perceptual learning and language acquisition. Her future career goal is to be a Speech Language Pathologist in a school or clinic setting. Divya Ganugapati is a senior at UConn majoring in Cognitive Science and Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences. She is interested in speech perception and recognition, but is still exploring her interests. Her future career goal is to be a speech-pathologist in a hospital setting. Greta Johnson is a sophomore at UConn majoring in Physiology and Neurobiology. She is intrigued by the brain activity behind learning a second language and the effect of one’s environment and experiences on neural pathways. Greta is currently a research assistant at the Myers Lab. Her career interests include research sciences in a healthcare setting. Rachelle Levasseur is a senior at UConn pursuing a double major in Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences and Human Development and Family Studies. She is particularly interested in Dysphagia, but is still exploring other interests in the field. Her goal after graduation is to get her MA and work in a hospital setting as an SLP.
Madison Perriolat is a junior at UConn majoring in Speech Language and Hearing Sciences and minoring in Human Development and Family Studies. I’m interested in getting exposure to many different areas in the field. In the future, I hope to work with children in a school or clinical setting and have an interest in working with those who have disabilities.

Lab Affiliates

Dr. James Magnuson, Ph.D.
Dr. Jennifer Mozeiko, Ph.D. 
Dr. Carl A. Coelho, Ph.D. 
Dr. Erika Skoe, Ph.D.

Lab Alumni

Xin Xie (PhD, 15)  Postdoc, University of Rochester
Jennifer Mozeiko (PhD, 14): Faculty member, University of Connecticut
Illiana Meza-Gonzales (MA, 16)  Job in the real world!
Alexis Johns (PhD, 16), Postdoc, Brandeis
F. Sayako Earle (PhD, 16): Faculty member, University of Delaware
Stephanie N. Del Tufo (PhD, 16) : Postdoc, Vanderbilt
Julia Drouin (’14 honors advisee)   
Brittany Ciullo (’14 honors advisee)  
Kristen Swan Tummeltschammer (former RA), PhD program, Birkbeck College 
Laura Mesite (former RA), PhD Program, Harvard
Karen Aicher