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Research in the Language and Brain Lab (Emily Myers,  PI) focuses on a fundamental question in human behavior: how do we perceive the speech signal in order to map it to meaning? Through the use of neuroimaging methods (fMRI, MRI, ERP, TMS) together with standard psycholinguistic measures, we hope to understand both the neural and behavioral mechanisms that underlie this process. We work with unimpaired and language-disordered populations (aphasia, dyslexia) to inform functional models of speech and language processing, and to understand how language processing breaks down.


See our Research and Publications page for access to our publications.

Lab Features

  • IBACS Research Award
    Congrats to lab RA, Xinming Zhou, on getting her undergrad IBACS research award funded! She will be looking at how lifetime experience with accented speech affects people’s ability to perceive accented speech in noise.   For more information regarding the IBACS undergraduate research grant program visit their website here!  
    Posted on May 3, 2021
  • Latest Lab Digest – Spring 2021
    After a semester break in the Fall, our lab’s digest is out! Check out what our newest edition covers: Bilingual Aphasia: What if a patient speaks multiple languages? A Temporary Normal: An inside look at aphasia support and therapy groups in a pandemic Language Learning: The importance of sleep and training when learning non-native speech […]
    Posted on April 15, 2021
  • New Lab Publication: Brain and Language
    LAB Lab alumna Dr. Pam Fuhrmeister and PI Dr. Emily Myers have a new article in Brain and Language: “Structural neural correlates of individual differences in categorical perception”. Check it out here!
    Posted on February 15, 2021





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