Congratulations, Dr. Alexis Johns!

Alexis Johns successfully defended her dissertation, “Sensory and Cognitive Influences on Lexical Competition in Spoken Word Recognition in Younger and Older Listeners”, co-supervised by Emily Myers and Jim Magnuson. She leaves us soon for a postdoc with Arthur Wingfield at Brandeis.  Congrats to Alexis!DSC08776


News Roundup: 2016

A few items from the past few months:

  • A paper we’ve been excited about for a long time has appeared in press–this is part of Sayako’s dissertation work:
    • Earle, F. S., & Myers, E. B. (2015). Sleep and native language interference affect non-native speech sound learning. Journal of Experimental Psychology. Human Perception and Performance, 41(6), 1680–1695.
  • Emily recently received an NSF CAREER award.  We’re really excited to begin work on this project. Press here.
  • There are other big changes on the horizon for LABlab members–but that post will wait.

Sayako Earle awarded NRSA Fellowship from NIH/NIDCD

We are delighted to announce that Sayako Earle has been awarded a Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (better known as an NRSA) from the NIH/NIDCD.

This award funds a two-year project titled “Phonetic learning in adults with and without language impairment.”  Please join me in extending congratulations to Sayako!


New Paper: Talker Generalization in Non-Native Speech Learning Requires Sleep!

We’ve got a new paper out in JASA reporting on the conditions that are required for learners to generalize learning of a non-native contrast from a trained talker to a novel talker  (spoiler alert: sleep matters).


  • Earle, F.S., & Myers, E.B. (2014).  Overnight consolidation promotes generalization across talkers in the identification of nonnative speech sounds. JASA-EL (Vol.137, No.1).  DOI: 10.1121/1.4903918

Construction Update: We have a window

Turns out it is very noisy to cut through 18″ concrete–but it will be worth it to have a few windows in our MRI suite!  Visitors to the lab–the hall may not look like it leads to an active lab, but it actually does–we’re still open!Photo Nov 12, 9 12 22 AM