Author: Emily Myers

Myers Lab Moves to Phillips

After three years in Monteith, our lab has moved to newly-renovated space on the first floor of Phillips Communication Sciences Building (143 PCSB).  Thanks to the wonderful efforts of the graduate and undergraduate students, we were moved in and set up within about 24 hours.

Before the movers came:



Twenty minutes later:


The lab goes to Neurobiology of Language

Emily and Jen represented the lab at the Society for the Neurobiology of Language (SNL–not that SNL) conference in San Diego.  It was a lively and exciting meeting.

How the Brain Processes Talker Variability: The Role of Expectation Emily Myers, Laura Mesite, Alexis Johns, James Magnuson

Neurobiological Change Following Intensive Therapy for Chronic Mild Aphasia: An fMRI Study. Jennifer Mozeiko, Emily Myers,Carl Coelho