Congratulations Dr. Stephanie Del Tufo and Dr. Sayako Earle

It’s been a busy few months in the lab.  A few exciting items:

We are delighted to congratulate Dr. Stephanie Del Tufo, who successfully defended her PhD thesis, entitled, “The Hyperplasticity Hypothesis: Speech Encoding and Plasticity in Typical and Dyslexic Readers.”  Stephanie has gone on to a postdoc with Laurie Cutting at Vanderbilt. Congrats, Steph!

Further, we’re also happy to congratulate Dr. Sayako Earle on the successful defense of her PhD thesis, entitled, ” Nonnative Phonetic Learning in Adults With and Without Language Impairment.”  Sayako begins a faculty position at the University of Delaware this Fall.  Congrats, Sayako!

We’re also saying goodbye to Xin Xie, a recent graduate who is headed off for a postdoc with Florian Jaeger at Rochester University, and Iliana Meza-Gonzalez, who is leaving the program for greener pastures (and better climates). And Alexis Johns, who is off to a postdoc at Brandeis.

We wish all of our lab-mates well, and we’ll miss you! Don’t forget to come back and visit.

Stay tuned for an announcement soon about new folks joining the lab soon.