Welcoming our three newest members

The lab welcomes three new members!

-Phoebe Gaston joins us as a post-doctoral fellow in Psychology. She received her Ph.D. in Linguistics from the University of Maryland, College Park . Her dissertation was about the ways in which syntactic context impacts auditory word recognition, and at UConn she will begin research on how reliance on contextual constraints changes with imperfect auditory input. 

-Anne Marie Crinnion joins us as a Ph.D. student in Psychology. She received an A.B. in Psychology from Harvard University. She is interested in how top-down information is integrated with lower-level acoustic information, from neural, computational, and behavioral perspectives. 

-Cristal Giorio joins us as lab manager. She received her Bachelor’s in Psychology, Biology, and Spanish Literature from Salem College. Her past research involved bilingual control mechanisms. She hopes to continue on pursuing her Ph.D. in the related field.